CORVEY Or, Corvei or Korvei. Imperial Abbey on the River Weser above Hameln in northwestern Germany;  ENE of Paderborn.

It was founded by two cousins of Charlemagne in 816 as a daughter Abbey to that of Corbie in Picardy in northern France. Around the Abbey was a small princely territory on the left bank of the Weser. The Abbot was a member of the Lower Rhenish & Westphalian Imperial Circle. In 1792 the Abbey became a Bishopric.

Its territory was secularised in 1802-3 and, with Fulda and the city of Dortmund, it became a principality for the son of the dispossessed Stadtholder of the Netherlands. Occupied by France in 1806, it was placed in the lands held by Napoleon’s brother Jerome as King of Westphalia in 1807. In 1815 it was acquired by Prussia, and is now in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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