Coat of arms of Corrèze, France drawn by User:...

Coat of arms of Corrèze, France drawn by User:Spedona 30/10/2007 for Blazon Project of French-speaking Wikipedia, with Inkscape. Source: Own work – Blazon: Quarterly, first or two lions passant gules, second chequy or and gules, third bendy of ten or and gules, fourth or three lions azure armed and langued gules (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Département de la Corrèze (19) is in the west of the Massif Central in south central France. The River Corrèze rises in the north and flows southwestwards to join the River Vézère.

It was part of the unoccupied zone of France, 1940-2.   In 1941 the Vichy government placed it under the authority of the Regional Prefect at Limoges for police and economic matterrs.

Before 1790 its territory had belonged to the province of Limousin and since 1960 the department has been part of the region of the same name.

Its capital is Tulle. The sub-prefectures for the other arrondissements are Brive-la-Gaillarde (in the southwest) and Ussel (northeast). The latter was abolished in 1926 but restored in 1943. The Bishopric for the department has been at Tulle, except between 1802 and 1822 when it was merged in that of Limoges.

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