COBURG  Koburg.

Coburg, Germany

Coburg, Germany (Photo credit: Nigel’s Europe & beyond)

German town in the north of the Land of Bayern, south of the Thüringer Wald and north of Bamberg, standing on the River Itz, a tributary of the Main.

Coburg was acquired by the County of Henneberg from the extinct Counts of Andechs in 1248 but in 1290 it passed by marriage to a branch of the Ascanian Margraves of Brandenburg, returning through another heiress to a member of the Henneberg family in 1317.

The husband died in 1347, the heiress in 1353, whereupon Coburg passed to the Wettin Margraves of Meissen, from 1423 Electors of Saxony. In the partitions of territory amongst members of the Ernestine line of the Wettins, Coburg frequently provided the name for a principality (see SAXE-COBURG).

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