English: map of the bailiwicks of Koblenz and ...

English: map of the bailiwicks of Koblenz and Alden Biezen of the Teutonic Order (18th century) Deutsch: Karte der Balleien Koblenz und Alden Biesen des Deutschen Ordens im 18. Jahrhundert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

City in western Germany at the confluence (which is what its name means) of the Rhine and Mosel.

It was the headquarters of one of the Commanders of a Ballei (Bailiwick) of the Teutonic Order, who, as a member of the Rhenish Bank of Prelates, was a Prince of the Empire.

The city itself belonged to the Archbishop of Trier, then to France in the revolutionary and Napoleonic era, and from 1815 to Prussia.

In the Nazi Party organisation there was a Gau called Koblenz-Trier in the 1930s, which became Gau Moselland in February 1941 when Luxembourg was added to the Gau.

Koblenz is now a Stadtkreis, on both banks of the Rhine, and the administrative centre of a Regierungsbezirk (administrative region), which bears its name, in the Land of Rheinland-Pfalz. Extending mostly west of the city, but partly to the north, is the Landkreis of Mayen-Koblenz. The town of Mayen is west of Koblenz.

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