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CLIFFORD Lordship in the March of Wales, on the River Wye, west of Hereford and today just in England. The castle was built by William Fitzosborn, Earl of Hereford in the early years after the Norman Conquest. The Lordship was … Continue reading

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CLEVES   KLEVE (Ger); Clèves (Fr). County, later Duchy, in the Holy Roman Empire. There is now a Landkreis of Kleve in Nordrhein-Westfalen, with territory on both banks of the lower Rhine, in the area where the river is about to … Continue reading

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CLEVELAND Region in northern Yorkshire; County in northeastern England, either side of the lower Tees, 1974-96. The region lies between the north of the North Yorks Moors, where the Cleveland Hills are to be found, and the River Tees.   The … Continue reading

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Clermont ~ Beauvaisis

CLERMONT, Beauvaisis. Clermont-en-Beauvaisis, which is ESE of Beauvais and north of Paris, was the capital of a French County from the 11th century. It lay in the east of the pays of Beauvaisis, the greater part of which formed a … Continue reading

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Clermont ~ Auvergne

CLERMONT, Auvergne. Seat of the Bishop in the Auvergne in south central France, whose diocese has belonged to the province of Bourges, except during 1790-1802, when it was part of the province of Lyon. The Bishop was lord of part … Continue reading

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CLERMONT-EN-DAUPHINÉ North of Grenoble, was held by a family which in the 16th century inherited the County of Tonnerre on the northern fringes of Burgundy. Thenceforward the family, one of the great families of the Ancien Régime, was known as … Continue reading

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CLERMONT-EN-ARGONNE   WSW of Verdun, was held by the Counts of Bar as a fief of the Bishops of Verdun (and so, although west of the Meuse, was not part of the Barrois mouvant, for which the Counts of Bar … Continue reading

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Clare ~ Irish County

CLARE, Irish county.   An Chláire. Co. Clare lies in the northwest of the province of Munster, in the southwest of Ireland. It lies north of the estuary of the River Shannon, and has a coastline on Galway Bay. In Gaelic … Continue reading

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Clare ~ English Honour

CLARE, English Honour. Clare in Suffolk lies between Cambridge and Ipswich, or more locally, between Haverhill and Sudbury.   It had been a stronghold in the Kingdom of East Anglia, and after the Conquest William I gave it to a kinsman, … Continue reading

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CLACKMANNANSHIRE   Or, Clackmannan. Scottish county until 1975; A district 1975-96; A unitary authority from 1996. It lies between the River Forth and the Ochil Hills in central Scotland. It was the smallest of the 33 counties of Scotland, and perhaps … Continue reading

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