Cisalpine Republic


30 soldi coin (equal to 1½ lira) of the Cisalp...

30 soldi coin (equal to 1½ lira) of the Cisalpine Republic, 1801 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Republic in northern Italy, one of the sister republics of the French Republic.   Its name echoed that of the Roman region of Cisalpine Gaul.

It was proclaimed in May 1797 in Lombardy, the north Italian region, formerly Austrian, which had been occupied by French armies in the spring of 1796.

In July the Cisalpine and the Cispadane Republics were united (the Cisalpine Republic prior to this union is sometimes called the Transpadane Republic:  it lay beyond the Po, from the direction of Rome).

In October the Grisons surrendered the Val Tellina to the Republic, and in the same month, by the terms of the Treaty of Campo Formio between France and Austria, the western lands of the Venetian Republic, including Bergamo and Brescia, were added to the Cisalpine.

In 1799, during the War of the Second Coalition, the French were driven from northern Italy and the Cisalpine Republic collapsed, but in 1800 Bonaparte returned and victoriously smashed his way back, restoring the Republic.

In January 1802 the Republic became the ITALIAN REPUBLIC, with Bonaparte as its President.

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