Austria–Hungary : Empire of Austria (Cisleitha...

Austria–Hungary : Empire of Austria (Cisleithania): 1. Bohemia, 2. Bukovina, 3. Carinthia, 4. Carniola, 5. Dalmatia, 6. Galicia, 7. Küstenland, 8. Lower Austria, 9. Moravia, 10. Salzburg, 11. Silesia, 12. Styria, 13. Tyrol, 14. Upper Austria, 15. Vorarlberg; Kingdom of Hungary (Transleithania): 16. Hungary proper 17. Croatia-Slavonia; Austrian-Hungarian Condominium: 18. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A name for the Austrian half of the Dual monarchy after the Compromise (Ausgleich) of 1867.

(The non green area of the map)

The River Leitha, a rather insignificant stream, separated Niederösterreich from the Kingdom of Hungary for a few miles near Vienna.   Hungary was sometimes called Trans-Leithnia by analogy.


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