CERDANYA     (Catalan); CERDAGNE (Fr); Cerdaña (Sp).

Coats of arms of Bellver de Cerdanya, Lleida, ...

Coats of arms of Bellver de Cerdanya, Lleida, Spain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

County in the Spanish March, in the Pyrenees, lying east and southeast of Andorra.

The Counts belonged to a branch of the  family of the Counts of Barcelona. Their line died out in 1117, when Cerdanya passed to the actual Counts of Barcelona (Kings of Aragon after 1164). Cadets of the Royal House sometimes held Cerdanya, often with the coastal County of Rosellón (Roussillon).   The most  notable of them  were the Kings of Majorca, 1276-1343.

In 1659 the old county was partitioned between France and Spain in the Peace of the Pyrenees;  the Spanish section was later divided between the provinces of Lérida (Lleida) and Gerona (Girona).  An enclave of Spain, belonging to the province of Girona, survives within the French Department of the Pyrénées-Orientales around the town of Llivia.

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