CATTARO    Italian name for the Montenegrin port of KOTOR.

English: Postcard of Austro-Hungary, Kotor/Cat...

English: Postcard of Austro-Hungary, Kotor/Cattaro, 1912 Русский: Открытка Австро-Венгрии, Котор/Каттаро, 1912 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like much of the Adriatic seaboard it remained Byzantine long after the interior was lost.  In the 11th century Cattaro was associated with the Principality of Duklja, a forerunner of Montenegro, but when Serbia absorbed Duklja in the later 12th century, Cattaro became a semi-independent city with its own government.

In 1420 it came into the possession of Venice, and was still in the hands of the Republic at its demise in 1797, when Cattaro became Austrian.  Although the Dalmatian coast was ceded to France by Austria in late 1805, the Russian fleet operating in the Adriatic took possession of Kotor, surrendering it to France in 1807 after Napoleon and Alexander I had settled their various differences at their meeting at Tilsit.

In 1809 the town was included in the new Illyrian Provinces of the French Empire.   After French power had collapsed in 1813, Montenegro controlled the port for a while, but in 1814 it returned to Austria as part of Dalmatia.   In 1918 Serb forces occupied the city and it became part of the new Yugoslavia.   It is now in Montenegro.

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