CARDIGANSHIRE   The Welsh translation is SIR ABERTEIFI;  the Welsh name for the region is CEREDIGION. County of western Wales until 1975.


Cardiganshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cardiganshire was formed in 1284 by joining the royal territory around the town and castle of Cardigan with the Welsh district of Ceredigion, ruled by Gwynedd before 1282.   The county extended from the River Teifi in the southwest to the Dyfi (Dovey) estuary in the north.

In the southeast its borders lay on the Tywi (Towy);  in the northeast they were in the high country beyond which lay the basin of the River Wye.

Cardiganshire was the 4th largest of the 13 Welsh counties, but only 9th in population.   It belonged to the diocese of St David’s.

In 1975 it became the district of Ceredigion in the new county of Dyfed.   In 1996 Ceredigion became a unitary authority, with the status of a county.

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