Cáceres (Photo credit: Jexweber.fotos)

Spanish province (CC), on the borders with Portugal, mostly drained by the River Tajo (Tagus);  the second largest province in Spain.  It was formed in 1833 from Alta (Upper) Extremadura.   Since 1983 it has been the northern province in the autonomous Community of Extremadura.

It is named after its capital, once the Roman settlement of Norba Caesania.   In Moslem Spain Kakres lay in the extensive Lower March and was used as a base for raiding parties.   Giraldo Sempavor (= sine pavore, = the fearless), a Portuguese adventurer, took Cáceres in 1165, but in 1170 Ferdinand II of Leon brought it under his own control.

There he founded the brotherhood of the Knights of Cáceres, which had become the Order of SANTIAGO by 1175.   In 1174 the city fell to the Almohads, and although Ferdinand II besieged it in 1184, he failed to retake it.   His son, Alfonso IX, besieged Cáceres again in 1222 but it was not until 1229 that his armies, with the help of the military Orders, took it.   Walls still surround the old town on its defensible hill.

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