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Burgundian Imperial Circle

BURGUNDIAN IMPERIAL CIRCLE   BURGUNDISCHER REICHSKREIS. The Circle was formed in 1512 and most of the lands within it were those inherited by the Habsburgs through the marriage of the (future) Emperor Maximilian with the heiress of Charles the Bold, Duke … Continue reading

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BURGOS Inland province (BU) in the north of Spain, named after its capital, which stands on the River Alanzón, a tributary of the Duero.   The province has a exclave around the town of Treviño – the Condado de Treviño – … Continue reading

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BURGENLAND      Except for Vienna, the smallest Land in Austria in area;  it is the least populated.   It lies on the borders with Hungary, to which it belonged until 1920/1.    Its name comes from the castles (Burgen in German) in the … Continue reading

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