Coat of arms of the margraviate of Burgau (Swa...

Coat of arms of the margraviate of Burgau (Swabia). Blazon: Argent, three bends sinister gules, a palet or. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Margraviate in southern Germany;  named after a town on the River Mindel, a tributary of the Danube, southeast of Gunzburg, east of Ulm, and WNW of Augsburg.

The lordship of Burgau, in eastern Swabia, was held by a branch of the Counts of Berg (in Swabia), 1213-1301.   They acquired the title of Margrave for the territory;  it is said either by marriage with, or by Imperial transfer from, the extinct Margraves of Ronsberg, which lay at some distance to the southwest of Burgau.  It was merely titular.

When the Margraves died out in 1301, King Albert I, a Habsburg, transferred Burgau to his sons, and it became part of Vorderösterreich, later usually governed by the Tirol branch of the family.  It was pawned by the penniless Sigismund of Tirol to the Duke of Bavaria-Landshut in 1450, and redeemed by Maximilian I in 1492, the mortgage having been held by the Cathedral Chapter at Augsburg from 1485.   Burgau was allowed to Karl, the morganatic son of Count Ferdinand of Tirol (d.1595), but he died childless in 1618.

Burgau was transferred from Austria to Bavaria in 1805.

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