English: Coat of arms of Bugey Français : Armo...

English: Coat of arms of Bugey Français : Armoiries de l’ancien pays français de Bugey Blasonnement : de gueules au lion d’hermine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

County in the Kingdom of Burgundy;  now in eastern France, at the southern end of the Jura Mountains, and between the Rivers Rhône and Ain.   It was also called Belley, which was its capital and the see of a Bishop.

The original County around its capital occupied much of the great loop which is formed by the River Rhône’s abrupt change of direction from flowing south and southwest to flowing northwest.   It was held by the Counts of Savoy from quite early in that County’s history;  indeed the early Counts were called Counts of Belley.  Savoy spread out westwards and northwards in the 13th century to the Ain and into the Jura, where there were small lordships, some of them ecclesiastical, which were added to the County of Bugey.

Bugey was held by France, 1536-59, when it was part of the gouvernement of Bresse & Bugey, and became permanently French in 1601, being added to the gouvernement of Burgundy.  In 1790 it was included in the Department of the Ain.

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