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BURGAU Margraviate in southern Germany;  named after a town on the River Mindel, a tributary of the Danube, southeast of Gunzburg, east of Ulm, and WNW of Augsburg. The lordship of Burgau, in eastern Swabia, was held by a branch … Continue reading

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BURGAS Region in southeastern Bulgaria (in Eastern Rumelia, 1878-85), named from its capital, a port on a bay in the Black Sea.  The size of the region has fluctuated as the number of territorial units has varied.

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BUREBA District in early medieval Spain, lying northeast of Burgos and south of the River Ebro, and crossed by the River Oca. It became part of the County of Castile as that county advanced southwards from the upper Ebro valley … Continue reading

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Bulgaria, Great


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Bulgaria ~ Byzantine Themes

BULGARIA ~ Byzantine Themes Also see BULGARIA ~ Country Two Byzantine themes (military and civil provinces) in the western Balkans, one in the 10th century, the other during the 11th and 12th centuries, but with quite different territories. The first … Continue reading

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Bulgaria ~ Country

BULGARIA   BULGARIYA ~ Country See also BULGARIA ~ Byzantine themes Country in the eastern Balkans, south of the Danube, with coast on the Black Sea.   The language of the Bulgarians is Slavonic, a consequence of  the Slav incursions into the Balkans, … Continue reading

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BUKOVINA     BUKOVYNA (Ukr);  BUCOVINA (Rom);  Buchenland (Ger). Region now mostly in the southern part of the western Ukraine but partly in northeastern Romania.   It lies between the Carpathians and the River Dniester, contains the upper waters of the River Siret … Continue reading

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BUKHARA   Bokhara (older spelling). Emirate, then briefly a republic, in Central Asia, named after their capital, which is now in Uzbekistan, west of Samarkand. The city was taken by Genghiz Khan in 1220.   It became the capital of the Uzbek … Continue reading

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BUJAK     BUDZHAK (Rus and Ukr);  BUGEAC (Rum);  Bucak (Tk). Region on the Black Sea coast, now in Ukraine, lying between the lowest course of the Danube, including its delta, and the estuary of the Dniester. It was part of the … Continue reading

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BUILTH Marcher lordship in eastern Wales, formerly the Welsh Kingdom of BUELLT.

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BUGEY County in the Kingdom of Burgundy;  now in eastern France, at the southern end of the Jura Mountains, and between the Rivers Rhône and Ain.   It was also called Belley, which was its capital and the see of a … Continue reading

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BUGEAC Romanian name for BUJAK.

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BUELLT Cantref and small kingdom in south central Wales, later the Marcher lordship of BUILTH;  the present town of Builth Wells, with the ruined castle of the lordship, stands on the River Wye and on the eastern border of the … Continue reading

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