Coat of arms of Jean III de Grailly, captal de...

Coat of arms of Jean III de Grailly, captal de Buch drawn by Manassas for Blazon Project of French-speaking Wikipedia, with Inkscape. Source: own drawing – Blazon: unspecified (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

District in Gascony in southwestern France, on the southern side of the Arcachon Basin, an inlet of the Bay of Biscay, WSW of Bordeaux.

Its lord was known as the Captal (i.e. Captain, Chieftain) de Buch.   In the 14th century the lordship was acquired by the family of Grailly through marriage with the heiress.  Her grandson was the celebrated Captal de Buch who served the King of Navarre and the English in the Hundred Years’ War and who died in French custody in 1377.

He was succeeded by his half-uncle –  not descended from the heiress of Buch – who in 1398 also succeeded to the County of Foix.  A junior line became Captals de Buch and still held to their loyalty to the English King.

John, the Captal in 1446, was rewarded with the Earldom of Kendal.   His heirs later turned it into a French title as Comte de Candale.   The eventual heirs were the family of Nogaret, Dukes of Epernon, the last of whom died in 1661, heavily in debt.  

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