Schloss Friedrichshafen (formerly the monaster...

Schloss Friedrichshafen (formerly the monastery of Hofen), Lake Constance, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imperial Free City in southwestern Germany, now the greater part of  the town of FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, which stands on the northern shores of Lake Constance (Bodensee) and  is the capital of Bodenseekreis in Baden-Württemberg.

Bucchorn was the capital of a County held first by a branch of the Udalrichinger until 1089, then by the Welf family until they were succeeded by the Hohenstaufen in 1191.   With the decline and downfall of the Hohenstaufen in the next century, Bucchorn moved towards independence, a fact recognised by King Rudolf in 1275.

Shortly afterwards, the Count of Werdenberg, powerful in the region of Bodensee, got control of the town, and it was not until 1323 that it became truly free.   It was mediatised in 1802-3 and given to Bavaria, passing to Württemberg in 1810, where King Friedrich joined it with the lands of the Abbey of Hofen and named the town Friedrichshafen after himself.

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