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BRUTII The Roman name for the southernmost part of mainland Italy;  the toe.   Joined with Lucania to the north to form the Augustan region and later the province of Lucania et Brutii.   The name of Brutii disappeared and in the … Continue reading

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BRUSSELS     BRUSSEL (Flem);  BRUXELLES (Fr). Capital of Belgium and of the province of Brabant.  In the growing regionalisation of Belgium, it was recognised as a region in 1980, though it was not until 1989 that a regional assembly was elected. … Continue reading

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BRUNSWICK-WOLFENBÜTTEL   BRAUNSCHWEIG-WOLFENBÜTTEL. From 1752 called Brunswick.   When the Duchy of Brunswick was partitioned in 1279 among the three sons of Albert I, the youngest became Duke of Brunswick or Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Wolfenbüttel being not far south of Brunswick and the residence … Continue reading

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BRUNSWICK-SALZDERHELDEN   BRAUNSCHWEIG-SALZDERHELDEN. A branch of the Dukes of Brunswick-Grubenhagen, the result of the partition of Brunswick-Osterode in 1361.   The Salzderhelden branch administered Grubenhagen from 1376, inherited it in 1399, and died out in 1526.

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BRUNSWICK-OSTERODE    BRAUNSCHWEIG-OSTERODE. The junior branch of the Grubenhagen line, when that divided in 1322:  Osterode is south of the Harz and northeast of Göttingen.   The Osterode lands were themselves partitioned  in 1361 into Salzderhelden and Osterode.   The Salzderhelden line inherited … Continue reading

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