English: Mladen III Šubić of Bribir gravestone...

English: Mladen III Šubić of Bribir gravestone in the Trogir cathedral (Croatia) Hrvatski: Nadgrobna ploča Mladena III. Šubića Bribirskog u trogirskoj katedrali (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Town and district in northern Dalmatia (today in the Republic of Croatia).   The town stood on the River Krka, north of Sibenik.

Its ruling family, the Šubići, were for a time the most important in Dalmatia and Croatia, and also influential in Bosnia.   They came into prominence in the first half of the 13th century when members of the family were elected as Princes in Split, Trogir and Omis.   Although in mid-century the King of Hungary made sure that the principal officers in the Dalmatian cities were no longer elected but were appointed by the Ban for Croatia and Dalmatia, the Šubići remained influential.

They reached the height of their power in the person of Paul I Šubić, who was appointed as Podesta of Trogir by the Ban in 1272 and became Prince of Split and Trogir the following year.  With his father’s death in 1274 he became head of the family (the head of the family always held Bribir).   He was Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia, 1292-3, and later Ban of Bosnia, though how extensive his influence was in Bosnia is not sure.   He died in 1312.   His son Mladen was far less skilful and his ten years as head of the family witnessed a rapid decline in power.   By 1356 Bribir, town and district, were the only possessions of the family in Dalamatia.   A hundred years later the last holder of Bribir disappears from the records.

A branch of the family held lands far away in Slavonia and took the name of Zrinyi from their property.   The last of them was executed in 1671 for conspiracy against the Emperor Leopold I.

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