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BRAUNSCHWEIG  German name for the city and Duchy of BRUNSWICK. The former Duchy became the Land of Braunschweig in 1918, a small detached part of which was included in the Soviet Zone in 1945.   The rest formed a Regierungsbezirk (administrative … Continue reading

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BRATSLAV   BRACŁAW (Pol). Palatinate in the Polish Kingdom, on both banks of the River Southern Bug or Boh, named after its capital, which is on the Bug, southeast of Vinnytsia. The lands of the Palatinate of Bratslav formed the east … Continue reading

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BRATISLAVA   POSZONY (Magyar); PRESSBURG (Ger). The capital of Slovakia.   Since 1969 it has formed a separate administrative district from the kraj of Západoslovenský (South Slovakia), though it remains its capital. As Poszony it was the capital of a Hungarian county named … Continue reading

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BRAŞOV County in central Romania;  once part of Transylvania, before 1918/20 it was the Hungarian county of BRASSÓ.   The county is named after the city of Braşov, which lies north of the Predeal Pass through the Transylvanian Alps.  Its German … Continue reading

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