Brandenburg ~ Bishopric

BRANDENBURG ~ Bishopric.

Kloster Ziesar

Kloster Ziesar (Photo credit: tm-md)

Bishopric in northeastern Germany.

A Bishopric was first established in 948 in the town, which is on the River Havel, a tributary of the Elbe, and west of Berlin, but it was overwhelmed in the great Slav revolt in 983.  It was reestablished in the 1160s.  The proximity of the powerful Electorate of Brandenburg meant that the Bishops only acquired a small princely territory:  a stretch of land running east-west along the Havel in the vicinty of Brandenburg, and a pocket of land to the southwest around the town of Ziesar, the residence of the Bishops from about 1350.

The last Catholic Bishop converted to Protestantism in 1539.  The last two Protestant administrators, 1561-98, were the heirs to the Electorate, and when the second of them, John Frederick, succeeded his father as Elector, the Bishopric was merged into the Electorate.

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