Brabant ~ Province

BRABANT ~ Province.

Diagram of the Belgian Province of Brabant, wh...

Diagram of the Belgian Province of Brabant, which was divided into Flemish Brabant (bright yellow), Walloon Brabant (bright red), and the Brussels-Capital Region (orange). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The province of South Brabant in the united Netherlands became Brabant pure and simple in the new Kingdom of Belgium.   It was the only Belgian province that did not border on a foreign power.   Brabant was the fourth largest in area of the nine provinces of Belgium, but quite comfortably the one with most people.

Though no international boundary adjoins it, the boundary between the Flemish and  French languages runs across it, so that the growing federalisation of Belgium has meant that the province has become divided between the cultural communities and the regional authorities that have emerged of recent years, whilst Brussels, the bi-lingual capital of both province and Kingdom, has been an autonomous region since 1989.

The constitutional changes proposed in 1993 led to the division of Brabant into Flemish- and French-speaking parts in 1995.   Nominally it remains one province, but for practical purposes it now forms the two provinces of Flemish Brabant and French Brabant.

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