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Brandenburg ~ Electorate

BRANDENBURG ~ Electorate. Named after the (episcopal) town on the River Havel, west of Berlin.   As Branibor, it was the capital of a Slav principality, whose last Prince bequeathed it to Albert the Bear, the Margrave of the Nordmark, on his … Continue reading

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Brandenburg ~ Bishopric

BRANDENBURG ~ Bishopric. Bishopric in northeastern Germany. A Bishopric was first established in 948 in the town, which is on the River Havel, a tributary of the Elbe, and west of Berlin, but it was overwhelmed in the great Slav revolt … Continue reading

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BRÃILA County in eastern Romania (in former Wallachia), named after the river port on the left bank of the Danube as it flows northwards before turning east towards its delta and the sea.

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BRAGANÇA   Braganza. Administrative district (distrito) in the northeastern corner of Portugal, formed out of the province of Tràs-os-Montes in 1833 and named after its capital. The title of Duke of Bragança was given to the bastard son of King John … Continue reading

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BRAGA Administrative district (distrito) in northern Portugal, north of Oporto, named after its capital, which stands on the River Este.   It was formed in 1833 out of the old province of Entre Minho e Douro. In Roman times the city … Continue reading

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Brabant ~ Province

BRABANT ~ Province. The province of South Brabant in the united Netherlands became Brabant pure and simple in the new Kingdom of Belgium.   It was the only Belgian province that did not border on a foreign power.   Brabant was the … Continue reading

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Brabant ~ Duchy

BRABANT ~ Duchy The former Duchy of Brabant covers much of central and northern Belgium and the central southern Netherlands, but Brabant was originally the name of a much smaller district, which lay to the east of Flanders, roughly between the … Continue reading

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BOYNEBURG County, named from a hill south of Eschwege in eastern Hesse, in central Germany.   The Counts belonged to the family of the Counts of Northeim, of whose family Count Siegfried IV of Boyneburg, who died in 1144, was the … Continue reading

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BOURGOGNE The French name of BURGUNDY.  Since 1960 the old provincial name has been used for an administrative Region consisting of the departments of Côte-d’Or, Nièvre, Saône-et-Loire, and Yonne.

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BOURGES     City in central France, WNW of Nevers and ESE of Orleans.  It was the chief city of the Biturges, a Celtic people, and became the Roman city of Avaricum, the capital of the Roman province of Aquitania, and then … Continue reading

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BOURBON-LANCY Lordship in central France, in Burgundy.   Its lands are now in the extreme west of the Department of Saône-et-Loire, east of the Loire and of Moulins, the capital of the Bourbonnais.   Despite the name, it was only briefly connected … Continue reading

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BOURBON     Bourbonnais (pays). Medieval lordship, later a Duchy;   An Ancien Régime gouvernement. Situated in central France, north of the Massif Central, and focussed on the River Allier.   The castle of Bourbon l’Archambault, as it became known from the Christian … Continue reading

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BOULOGNE    Boulonnais (pays). A medieval county in northern France; A petit gouvernement in the Ancien Régime; A Bishopric. The town of Boulogne-sur-Mer stands on  the English Channel as it becomes the Straits of Dover. 1.  The County was an old … Continue reading

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