Deutsch: Karte der Reichsherrschaft Bonndorf u...

Deutsch: Karte der Reichsherrschaft Bonndorf um 1806 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imperial Lordship in the southern Black Forest in southwest Germany.  The town is not far from the borders of the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen.

Bonndorf was part of the Landgraviate of Stuhlingen in the later middle ages, but when the family of Lupfen, who held the Landgraviate, died out in 1582, the lordship was acquired by a family called Mörsberg, who sold it to the Abbot of St Blasien in 1609.  In 1613 the Abbot also bought up the rights of overlordship, which belonged to the family that had acquired Stuhlingen.

The great monastery of St Blasien (westwards of Bonndorf), unlike many of its fellows, was not independent but lay within the Breisgau lands of the Habsburgs.  The purchase of Bonndorf gave the Abbbots of St Blasien a seat in the College of Swabian Counts, and eventually in 1746 the Abbot was raised to the status of a Prince of the Empire.   In 1803 Bonndorf was transferred to one of the three remaining ecclesiastical principalities, the Grand Priory of St John at Heitersheim, in 1805 to Württemberg, and in 1806 to Baden.

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