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Blaenau Gwent

BLAENAU GWENT From 1974 until 1996, the northwestern district in the county of Gwent in southeastern Wales.   It included Abertillery, Tredegar and Ebbw Vale.   In 1996 the Llanelly community tranferred to Monmouthshire, but the rest became a unitary authority as … Continue reading

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Black Sea Province/District

BLACK SEA PROVINCE/DISTRICT     CHERNOMORSKAYA.   A strip of territory in the Russian Empire between the Black Sea and the northwestern Caucasus, extending from the region around Anapa and Novorossiysk southeastwards to the borders of Abkhazia. The region had been subject to … Continue reading

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Black Russia

BLACK RUSSIA  CZARNORUS. Region on the upper Neman (Belorussian and Russian) or Niemen (Polish), and its tributaries.  It formed the southwest of the old Russian principality of Polotsk. Black Russia became Lithuanian in the mid-13th century (and eventually, by union, … Continue reading

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BJELOVAR-KRIŽEVCI   BELOVÁR-KÖRÖS (Magyar). A county in Croatia-Slavonia, belonging to the Kingdom of Hungary before 1918.   Its capital was Bjelovar, it lay east of the county of Zagreb and south of the River Drave.   Križevci was another town in the county, … Continue reading

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BJELOVAR-BILOGORA   A zupanija (county) in present-day Croatia, with Bjelovar as capital, and lying east of the county of Zagreb.   The Bilogora is a range of mountains separating the zupanija from the valley of the Drave.  

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BIZONIA The economic union of the American and British Zones of Germany, agreed in December 1946 and effective from 1 January 1947.   It arose partly out of the economic difficulties of the British Zone, with a substantial industrial population that … Continue reading

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BIZKAIA Basque name for VIZCAYA. link_to_follow

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BITSCH Once part of the County of Zweibrücken;  now the French town of BITCHE, near the frontier with Germany;  SSE of Zweibrücken, southwest of Pirmasens. In 1282 the County of Zweibrücken was partitioned between brothers.   The County of Zweibrücken-Bitsch included … Continue reading

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BITHYNIA Ancient district in northwest Asia Minor, east of the Bosphorus and on the southwestern shores of the Black Sea.

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