Biała Podlaska


Later a Voivodship (Województwo bialskopoldlaskie), 1975-99

Coat of arms of Biała Podlaska

Coat of arms of Biała Podlaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Found in eastern Poland, south of Białystok, bordered in the east by the River Bug and, across the river, by Belarus.

It lay in the south of the ancient region of Podlasia and was named after its capital, which is west of Brest (once Brest Litovsk) and east of Siedlce, and stands on the River Brzna, a tributary of the Bug.

Originally Biała Podlaska belonged to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which united with Poland in 1569.   It was included in the Austrian province of West Galicia in 1795, transferred to the Grand Duchy of Poland in 1809, and in the Peace Settlement of 1814/5 was placed in the Congress Kingdom of Poland.  In 1861 Biała Podlaska became part of the province (guberniya) of Siedlce and in 1912 of the new guberniya of Kholm.

The voivodship was formed in 1975 from the northeast of that of Lublin, and all of it except the northeastern corner around the town of Losice returned to Lublin in 1999.   The Losice district was placed in Mazowie.

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