Beuthen (Upper Silesia)

BEUTHEN (Upper Silesia)

see also  BEUTHEN (Lower Silesia) 

English: Market Square in Bytom (Poland). Pols...

English: Market Square in Bytom (Poland). Polski: Kamienice przy rynku w Bytomiu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Silesian Duchy, named from its capital, now called BYTOM, which is north of Gliwice and northwest of Katowice.

In 1281 when Duke Wladyslaw of Upper Silesia died, his Duchy was divided among his sons, one of whom, Casimir, became Duke of Beuthen and Cosel.   When his line died out in 1355 the Duchy was divided between Teschen and Oels.

It was seized by Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary, in 1475 and after his death in 1490 passed to the Duke of Oppeln but was pawned with Jägerndorf in 1531 to the Hohenzollern Margrave of Ansbach.   In 1621, when the Jägerndorf lands were held by the uncle of the Elector of Brandenburg, they were confiscated by the Emperor Ferdinand II, after his triumph over the Protestant cause in Bohemia.   Beuthen was given as a fief to a family called Henckel in 1623.   In 1740-2 the overlordship changed to that of the King of Prussia.   Bytom became Polish in 1945.

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