Berg ~ Swabia

BERG ~ Swabia

Ehingen, Amtsgericht

Ehingen, Amtsgericht (Photo credit: dierk schaefer)

County in southern Germany;  the village whose castle gave it its name is now part of the district around the town of Ehingen, which is on the north bank of the Danube, southwest of Ulm.  Berg lies across the river from Ehingen, on the road that leads to Biberach.

The County enjoyed the limelight for a short while, when the three daughters of Count Henry, who died in 1116, were married to the Prince of Poland, the Duke of Bohemia, and the Prince of Olmutz, in Moravia.

The senior line acquired the Margraviate of Burgau (well to the east of Berg, beyond Ulm) in 1213 and died out in 1301 when their lands went to the Habsburgs.  There were two junior lines, one at Schelklingen (north of Ehingen), which died out, again to the benefit of the Habsburgs, in 1346;  and the other at Wartstein (west of Ehingen), which lasted into the 15th century, though some of its lands had earlier passed to the Habsburgs.  The lands around Ehingen ultimately became part of Württemberg in 1805.

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