Village orchestra of Ruthenian and Jewish musi...

Village orchestra of Ruthenian and Jewish musicians. Verecke, Bereg County, 1895 (Photo credit: Foxtongue)

Former county in the north of the Kingdom of Hungary, lying north of the River Tisza.   It lay in Royal Hungary, the Habsburg-ruled part, from 1526, but was one of the counties temporarily detached to Transylvania in the 1620s and for longer from 1645 until 1687.

Most of it became part of Czechoslovakia in 1918, where it belonged to the Carpatho-Ukraine region, which was annexed by Hungary in 1939, as a result of which the county was temporarily restored.   In 1945 this region was transferred to the Soviet Union and is now in the Ukraine.

The rump that remained in Hungary formed part of the inter-war county of Szatmár, Bereg & Ugocsa, which was then the northeasternmost county in Hungary.   Since 1949 the Hungarian land north of the Tisza has been in the county of Szabolcs-Szatmár.

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