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BERGEN-OP-ZOOM Lordship in Brabant, taking its name from the town on both banks of the River Zoom near its confluence with the Scheldt estuary.   Later diking has separated the town (now in the southwest Netherlands) from the Ooster-schelde. The lordship … Continue reading

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BERGAMO City in northern Italy, northeast of Milan; A province in the Lombardia region. The city was one of the virtually independent cities of northern Italy in the 12th and much of the 13th centuries, though in the later 13th … Continue reading

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BERGA County of the Spanish March – the town of Berga stands on the River Llobregat, which flows south from the eastern Pyrenees, and is north of Barcelona.   In the 11th century it was held by the Counts of Cerdanya, … Continue reading

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Berg ~ Swabia

BERG ~ Swabia County in southern Germany;  the village whose castle gave it its name is now part of the district around the town of Ehingen, which is on the north bank of the Danube, southwest of Ulm.  Berg lies … Continue reading

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Berg ~ Rhineland

BERG ~ Rhineland County, later Duchy, in the Holy Roman Empire, in northwestern Germany, on the right bank of the Rhine and extending northwards from the northern slopes of the Westerwald to the River Ruhr east of Duisberg; A Grand … Continue reading

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BEREG Former county in the north of the Kingdom of Hungary, lying north of the River Tisza.   It lay in Royal Hungary, the Habsburg-ruled part, from 1526, but was one of the counties temporarily detached to Transylvania in the … Continue reading

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