Coat of arms of Berchtesgaden (Germany) Españo...

Coat of arms of Berchtesgaden (Germany) Español: Escudo de Berchtesgaden (Alemania) Français : Blason de Berchtesgaden (Allemagne) Italiano: Stemma del Comune di Berchtesgaden (Germania) Català: Escut de Berchtesgaden (Alemanya) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monastery in the southeastern corner of Germany, founded early in the 12th century.   Its territory now forms the Berchtesgadener Land, which is a Landkreis in the Land of Bayern and is that finger of land in southeastern Bavaria, which points into Austria south of the River Saalach as it approaches Salzburg, and which separates Tirol from the Land of Salzburg.

From 1290 the monastery held its lands immediately from the Emperor;  in 1559 its head, the Provost, became a Prince of the Empire.    The Abbey belonged to the Bavarian Imperial Circle.   In 1802-3 it was secularised and became part of the Electorate of Salzburg (held by the dispossessed Grand Duke of Tuscany).   In 1805, it became Austrian, but in 1809 was transferred to Bavaria and remained Bavarian after the fall of Napoleon.

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