Provinces of the Italian region of Veneto

Provinces of the Italian region of Veneto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alpine province in the Veneto region in northeast Italy, named after its capital, a city on the River Piave.

The city belonged to the March of Treviso (or Verona).   In the 1250s it was part of the territory held by Ezzolino da Romana, the warlord of northeastern Italy, who was based in Verona.   Briefly independent after his fall, it was held by Treviso, 1266-1322, except for another brief spell of independence in the 1310s.  In 1322 it fell to the Scaligeri of Verona, in 1339 to Padua.   It was pawned to Duke Leopold of Styria in 1373 and recovered by Padua in 1386.   The city was held by Milan from 1388 until it fell to Venice in 1404.   The Emperor Sigismund, who was also King of Hungary and so disputed possession of Dalmatia with Venice, held Belluno for a while before returning it in 1420.

Venetia became Italian in 1866.   The province of Belluno was detached from Italy, along with the South Tirol, to become the (German) Alpenvorland in late 1943.   It returned in 1945, and is now the northern province in the Veneto region.

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