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BELLÊME Medieval lordship in northwestern France, in the border region of Normandy with Maine, ESE of Alençon and northeast of Le Mans. In the later 11th century it came to the Norman House of Montgomery by marriage.  The notorious Robert … Continue reading

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BELGRADE     BEOGRAD. City at the confluence of the Rivers Danube and Sava, capital of Serbia and Yugoslavia.  As the Roman city of Singidunum, it was the headquarters of the Danube fleet, and was, except when Dacia was held by Rome, … Continue reading

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BELGOROD     Byelogorod (older spelling). Oblast (administrative region) in southwestern Russia, bordering on the Ukraine, and named after its capital, which is NNE of Kharkov and SSE of Kursk.  It lies in the region of the upper Donets, which came under … Continue reading

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BELGIUM    BELGIË (Flemish); La BELGIQUE (Fr); Belgien (Ger). One of the Low Countries in western Europe, predominantly Roman Catholic, but divided by language.   Flemish (Dutch) is spoken by nearly three out of five of the population, Walloon (French) by almost … Continue reading

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BELGICA.    Or, Gallia Belgica.    Roman province, named after a Celtic tribe. It was the northeastern province of Gaul, though it lost its frontier zones along the Rhine to form military districts facing Germany (the later provinces of Germania Superior … Continue reading

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BELFORT Town in eastern France, strategically important because the Belfort Gap provides a through-route between the Vosges and the Jura Mountains. It was part of the County of Ferrette (Pfirt) in southern Alsace which passed to the Habsburgs through an … Continue reading

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BELATA A province of Moslem Iberia, lying between the Atlantic Ocean and the River Tejo (Tagus), later forming the northern districts of the old Portuguese province of Estremadura and the southeast of Beira.   It was temporarily gained for the Kingdom … Continue reading

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BELARUS    BELORUSSIA or BYELORUSSIA, i.e. White Russia, though there is no agreement on why it is so called;  Belorussiya (Russ); Bia³orus (Pol). State in eastern Europe between Russia and Poland.   The east of the country is crossed by the upper … Continue reading

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