English: Louis d'Évreux and Margaret of Artois

English: Louis d’Évreux and Margaret of Artois (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A County in Normandy in northern France;  its capital was the town of Beaumont-le-Roger, NNW of Evreux and southwest of Rouen.

The lordship was held in the 11th to 13th centuries by a powerful family related to the Norman Dukes through Gundred, the wife of Duke Richard I.  Members of the family also held the County of Meulan in the Vexin between Normandy and Paris, and the Earldoms of Leicester and Warwick in England.  Philip Augustus of France confiscated Beaumont in 1203.

Between 1298 and 1378 the County was held by various members of the Royal family of France, principally by Louis of Evreux, half-brother of Philip IV the Fair, and his descendants, though in 1329 it was given as compensation to Robert of Artois, whose aunt had earlier inherited the County Artois instead of him.  He and two of the Evreux holders of the County, King Charles the Bad of Navarre and his brother Louis, the murderer of the Constable Charles of Spain, rank high among the troublemakers of 14th century France.

The County had a later brief royal connection;  it was given in 1469 to the bastard daughter of the Duke of Alençon, another treacherous scion of the Capetians, who married the Lennox Stuart Seigneur of Aubigné.  Their heiress married the Stuart nephew and male heir of the Seigneur, but died childless, c.1507.

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