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BEAUCE Geographical region in north central France;  a fertile plain extending from Orleans (in the south) to Chartres and Etampes (in the north).

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BÉARN A pays in southern Gascony in southwestern France, in the western Pyrenees, lying between Bigorre (to the east) and the Basque districts of Basse-Navarre and Soule (to the west): A medieval Vicomté; With Navarre, a gouvernement in the Ancien … Continue reading

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BAZADAIS Pays in southwestern France around the town of Bazas, which is southeast of Bordeaux and WNW of Agen.   Bazas lies south of the Garonne, but the Bazadais extended northwards over the river. In the 9th century it was held … Continue reading

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BAYREUTH   BAIREUTH  (older spelling). Principality in eastern Franconia; Nazi Party Gau in eastern Bavaria, …taking their name from the city, which is on the River Roter Main, east of Bamberg and northeast of Nuremberg.  The city is now a Stadtkreis … Continue reading

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BAYONNE   City in southwesternmost France (anciently called Lapurdum) standing at the confluence of the Adour and the Nive, just inland from the Bay of Biscay.   It was one of the last English towns to fall to France at the end … Continue reading

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