Agnes Bernauer before her judge (Agnes-Bernaue...

Agnes Bernauer before her judge (Agnes-Bernauer-Festspiele Straubing, 2011) Français : Le jugement d’Agnes Bernauer (Agnes-Bernauer-Festspiele Straubing, 2011) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Straubing, which is now a Stadtkreis in the Land of Bayern, stands on the right bank of the Danube below Regensburg and above Passau,  and was the capital of one of the divisions of the Duchy of Lower Bavaria made in 1351.  Today the region around the town on both banks of the Danube form the Landkreis of Straubing-Bogen.

In 1351 the Duchy was held by two of the sons of Louis IV’s second marriage with Margaret, the Countess of Holland and Hainault.   The elder of the two, William V, succeeded her in those Counties in 1356.   He went mad and his younger brother Albert I ruled in the Netherlands and in Straubing as Regent and eventually in his own right.   With the death of Albert’s younger son the line died out in 1425 and the Duchy was divided among the remaining Bavarian Dukes.   Straubing itself was governed by Albert III, the heir to Bavaria-Munich, and it was at Straubing that his first wife, Agnes Bernauer, a commoner by birth, was drowned after a legal process begun by his enraged father, Duke Ernest.

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