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BAYEUX Episcopal city in western (Lower) Normandy, the diocese belonging to the province of Rouen.   Since 1790 its territory has been the Department of Calvados.   The pays around it is the BESSIN.

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BAYERN   Bavaria. The eastern Land of southern Germany is divided into seven Regierungsbezirke (administrative regions).   Niederbayern (in the southeast) and  Oberbayern (in the south) (i.e. Lower and Upper Bavaria)  represent, broadly speaking, the reunited Duchy in the early 16th century.  … Continue reading

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Bayerische Ostmark

BAYERISCHE OSTMARK Nazi Party Gau in Bavaria, bordering on Austria and Czechoslovakia.   It extended from Niederbayern in the south through Oberpfalz to Oberfranken, and when Czechoslovakia ceded its border districts to Germany after the Munich Agreement in October 1938 those … Continue reading

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BAVARIA-STRAUBING    BAYERN-STRAUBING. Straubing, which is now a Stadtkreis in the Land of Bayern, stands on the right bank of the Danube below Regensburg and above Passau,  and was the capital of one of the divisions of the Duchy of Lower … Continue reading

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