Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ The Land since 1945

Bavaria ~ Detailed History ~ The Land since 1945


Occupation zone borders in Germany, 1947. The ...

Occupation zone borders in Germany, 1947. The territories east of the Oder-Neisse line, under Polish and Soviet administration/annexation, are shown as white as is the likewise detached Saar protectorate. Berlin is the multinational area within the Soviet zone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the Second World War ended the main body of Bavaria was placed in the American Zone of Occupation, but the detached Palatinate lands west of the Rhine were in the French Zone.   So they found their way into the Land of Rheinland-Pfalz that was created in 1947 whereas Bavaria proper became a Land again in 1945, its constitution, separatist in attitude, being formulated in 1946.

Deutsch: Karte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ...

Deutsch: Karte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland mit eingezeichneten Grenzen und alphabetischer Nummerierung der Bundesländer. Der Freistaat Bayern ist farblich hervorgehoben. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bavaria, because it was the Land most likely to reject a federal Germany, played a considerable role in the negotiations between the Länder that led to the framing of the Basic Law, the Federal Republic’s substitute for a constitution, but was unhappy with the result and refused to ratify it.   Bavaria made it clear however that if the other Länder ratified the Basic Law it would not stand in the way of implementing the new Federal Republic, a kind of ratification by default.

One way in which the separateness of Bavaria has been continually manifested since the Federal Republic came into existence in 1949 is that its conservative party, easily the majority party in Bavaria, is a Bavarian one, the Christian Social Union.   The conservative party of the rest of Germany, the Christian Democratic Union, does not operate in Bavaria.

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