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BAVARIA     BAYERN. Land in south eastern Germany, and former Duchy, Electorate and Kingdom, and one of the longest lasting political units in European history, though its borders have changed. The present Land of Bavaria (Bayern) stretches northwards from the Allgäuer, … Continue reading

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BAUTZEN    Earlier Budissen, German form of Budyšin (Sorb). Town on the upper River Spree, now in eastern Sachsen in eastern Germany. The district around it was held by the Prince of Poland when he acquired the Mark of Lusatia as … Continue reading

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BAUGÉ A lordship in Imperial Bresse, taking its name from what is now called Bagé-le-Châtel, a  small town east of Mâcon and in the west of the Department of the Ain in eastern France.   In 1272 the heiress of Baugé … Continue reading

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BATTENBERG Town near the River Eder, NNW of Marburg, in Hessen in central Germany.  It belonged to the County of Wittgenstein, and was held by the Wittgenstein-Battenberg branch of the family, which died out in the early 13th century.  In  … Continue reading

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Batavian Republic

BATAVIAN REPUBLIC One of the sister Republics of revolutionary France, it replaced the UNITED PROVINCES (Dutch Republic) in 1795, French troops having occupied the entire Republic in 1794-5.   A provisional government had been formed in February 1795 and in May … Continue reading

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Basso Po

BASSO PO   Bas-Po. A Department in the Napoleonic Kingdom of  Italy, in the region of the delta of the Po, combining a former part of the Papal States (principal town, Ferrara), which had been in the Cisalpine Republic from 1797, … Continue reading

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BASSIGNY District in east central France, centred on the upper Marne but extending to the upper Meuse. It was a County until the early 11th century (the name is said to come from an early Count), after which it broke … Continue reading

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BASSES-PYRÉNÉES (64). The southwesternmost département in France, formed in 1790, but which changed its name to PYRÉNÉES-ATLANTIQUES in 1970.

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BASSES-ALPES Inland département (04) in southeastern France, formed from Provence in 1790 but which changed its name to ALPES-DE-HAUTE-PROVENCE in 1970. With the growth of tourism, a name that meant Low Alps could perhaps be off-putting, as those who want … Continue reading

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BASSE-NORMANDIE     Lower Normandy. A region in northern France, formed in 1960 and comprising the departments (clockwise from the west) of the Manche, Calvados, and Orne.  Lower Normandy had been a traditional division of the old Duchy, with its capital at … Continue reading

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BASSE-NAVARRE     Lower Navarre; BENAPAROA (Basque).   The part of the Kingdom of Navarre that lay north of the Pyrenees;  in the united Kingdom it formed the district of Ultrapuentos, beyond the passes. After 1512, when Ferdinand II conquered Spanish Navarre, Basse-Navarre … Continue reading

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BASSE-LORRAINE French for Lower Lorraine or LOWER LOTHARINGIA. link_reqd

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BAS-RHIN The Département du Bas-Rhin (67) is in northern Alsace in eastern France, bordering on Germany, both north and east. In 1790 the department was formed from Alsace, a region which had come largely under French control in the 17th … Continue reading

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