Barrois Mouvant


Français : Eglise de Combles-en-Barrois (Meuse).

Français : Eglise de Combles-en-Barrois (Meuse). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was the part of the County (later Duchy) of Bar which lay west of the Meuse, for which, in 1301, the King of France demanded that homage be paid to him.

The phrase conjures up a picture of a shifting territory, but it was not so.

The Barrois west of the Meuse lay within the sphere of influence of the King of France;  his authority moved within it.  The Barrois mouvant was also called the Barrois royal, whilst Barrois east of the Meuse, which remained in the Holy Roman Empire until 1766, was the Barrois ducal or the Barrois immouvant.

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