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BASHKORTOSTAN The name used since the fall of the Soviet Union for a region usually called BASHKIRIA until then. The easternmost of the group of Republics within the Russian Federation which are found in the middle Volga and Kama region.  … Continue reading

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BASEL-STADT   Bâle-ville. Half-Canton (BS) consisting of the City of Basel, formed in 1833, 12th in precedence, 26th in area and 14th in population.   The smallest of all the members of the Swiss Confederation, it is the most densely populated.

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BASELLAND   Bâle-campagne; Basle-Country. Half-Canton (BL) in the country districts of the former Canton of Basel, formed in 1833, 13th in precedence, 19th in area and 9th in population in the Swiss Confederation.   In 1994 it was augmented with the district … Continue reading

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BASEL    Bâle (Fr); Basle (Eng); Basilia (Lat). Bishopric (see separate  Basle ~ Bishopric entry) Imperial Free City; Northwestern Canton of the Swiss Confederation, now divided into two Half-Cantons. The city stands at the point where the westward-flowing Rhine swings north, the … Continue reading

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BARUTH Town in eastern Germany, south of Berlin, now in the Land of Brandenburg,.   It was once part of Lower Lausitz and then of Electoral Saxony, where it lay on the borders with Brandenburg.   Until 1635 it was separated from … Continue reading

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BARTH Town in western Pomerania, near the island of Rügen, and a division (including Rügen) of Pomerania-Wolgast, 1377-1478  and of VORPOMMERN, 1569-1620.

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BAR-SUR-SEINE Medieval County, named from its capital, a town which is now in the Department of the Aube in east central France, southeast of Troyes. It belonged to the Duchy of Burgundy in the 10th century, passing by marriage to … Continue reading

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BAR-SUR-AUBE County in the 10th and 11th centuries in east central France between Troyes and Chaumont, named after its capital, which stands on the River Aube, a tributary of the Seine.   On the hill above Bar, on the way to … Continue reading

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BARS County in the Kingdom of Hungary, lying between the Rivers Nitra and Hron, transferred to Czechoslovakia after the First World War and now in western Slovakia.

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Barrois Mouvant

BARROIS MOUVANT This was the part of the County (later Duchy) of Bar which lay west of the Meuse, for which, in 1301, the King of France demanded that homage be paid to him. The phrase conjures up a picture … Continue reading

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BARNIM District in Brandenburg;  the eastern part of the Mittelmark, north of the River Spree and east of the upper Havel.   It was gradually acquired by the Ascanian Margraves of Brandenburg from the 1190s though it was not until 1230 … Continue reading

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BAR-LE-DUC Once capital of the County, later Duchy, of BAR, and now capital of the Department of the Meuse.

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BARI City and seaport, which began as a Greek colony (Barion), on the Adriatic Sea in southeastern Italy; A late medieval Duchy; A province in modern Italy. Bari belonged to the Lombard Principality of Benevento, c.668-847, when it was seized … Continue reading

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