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BARCELONA County of northeastern Spain, originally in the Frankish Kingdom; A province (B) in modern Spain. Named after the city on the Mediterranean Sea, lying north of the mouth of the River Llobregat. In the second half of the 8th … Continue reading

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BARBY A lordship in the Holy Roman Empire, in northeastern Germany;  the town of Barby is on the River Elbe, southeast of Magdeburg. The lordship belonged to the Abbey of Quedlinburg, and in the 12th century was held in fief … Continue reading

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BARANYA County in southern Hungary, west of the Danube;  its capital is Pécs.  A small part of the county (spelt Baranja in Serbo-Croat) was transferred to Yugoslavia in 1920.   It was temporarily restored to Hungary, 1941-5, and is now in … Continue reading

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BAR(2), County and Duchy.  later Bar-le-Duc,  Barrois (pays). Medieval French speaking County, later a Duchy. (Bar in the French names signified the place where a river valley opened out on to the plain – the river in Bar-le-Duc’s case was … Continue reading

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BAR(1) Present (Serbo-Croat) name of ANTIVARI, a port in Montenegro.

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BANSÁG Hungarian name of BANAT.

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