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BANFFSHIRE Former administrative county, and a surviving ceremonial area, in northeastern Scotland, south of the Moray Firth, bordered in the west by the lower Spey, with some of its eastern boundary along the River Deveron.   Banffshire was wide in the … Continue reading

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Banat Bánság

BANAT  BÁNSÁG (Magyar). A region, formerly in the Kingdom of Hungary and now divided between Romania and Serbia, lying westwards from the Transylvanian Alps and bordered on the south, west and north by the Rivers Danube, Tisza, and Maros (Mureª). … Continue reading

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BAMBERG Diocese in eastern Franconia in east central Germany and originally in the province of Mainz, though from 1220 it was exempt from the Archbishop’s jurisdiction and came immediately under the Pope.   The city, which now forms a Stadtkreis in … Continue reading

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BÃLÞI Inter-war county in Romania – it was the northwestern county of Bessarabia and its territory is now in Moldova.   It was named after its capital.

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BALLENSTEDT County in the northeastern Harz in east central Germany in the 11th and 12th centuries;  the town is west of Aschersleben and southwest of Magdeburg. The Counts were already important when Count Otto the Rich (d.1123) married one of … Continue reading

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BALIKESIR Turkish province in northwestern Anatolia, which extends well inland, south of the Sea of Marmara.   The island of Marmara belongs to the province, which is named after its capital.

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Balearic Islands

BALEARIC ISLANDS    ISLAS BALEARES (Sp), ILLES BALEARS (Catalan). Islands of the western Mediterranean, a province and an autonomous community (PM) in Spain, capital Palma de Mallorca. The islands were seized by the Vandals in 423, and recovered by the Byzantine … Continue reading

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BÂLE French form of  BASLE, BASEL.

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Baixo Alentejo

BAIXO ALENTEJO   Lower Alentejo. New Portuguese province in the Salazarist era (1930s-early 1970s), including the Beja administrative district and the south of that of Setúbal.  Until 1833 Beja had belonged to the province of Alentejo and south Setúbal to Estremadura.

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