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BAETICA   Hispania Baetica. Roman province in southern Hispania, taking its name from the River Baetis, the Roman name for the Guadalquivir.   It was similar in extent to modern Andalucía,without its easternmost districts, plus southern Extremadura:  its northern limit was the … Continue reading

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The southwestern Land in the German Federal Republic. Much of its territory had been part of the old Duchy of Swabia, though the north lay in Franconia, and included some of the key lands of the Electors Palatine, including their … Continue reading

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BADENWEILER Town and former Imperial lordship in southwest Baden-Württemberg, north of Lorrach. Part of the lands of the Dukes of Zähringen, it became the dowry of Clementia of Zähringen when she married Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony, c.1148.  He … Continue reading

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BADEN-SPONHEIM In the partition of Baden in 1515 among the three sons of the abdicated Margrave Christopher, Philip, the second son, took the northern lands around Pforzheim and Durlach and also the rights held by Baden in the County of … Continue reading

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BADENOCH Scottish Lordship on the northern side of the Grampians, in the region of the upper Spey.   It was held by the Comyns from 1229 until 1306, the year in which Robert the Bruce murdered the Red Comyn and in … Continue reading

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