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BADEN-HACHBERG See HACHBERG. link_coming_soon

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BADEN-DURLACH Durlach is now an eastern suburb of Karlsruhe, the German city on the Rhine near the point of the V, which is made by the German-French border. Durlach became part of Baden in 1211.   In the partition of the … Continue reading

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BADEN-BADEN One of the divisions of the Margraviate of Baden, 1515-1771;  its name indicating that it was that part of Baden whose capital was Baden.  It was the share of the senior line of the Margraves, which remained Roman Catholic.  … Continue reading

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BADEN(Germany) A principality, successively a Margraviate, Electorate and Grand Duchy, in southwestern Germany (after 1918 a Land in the Weimar Republic); A Nazi Party Gau; A Land  in the postwar period 1.  The Margraviate had taken its name from a … Continue reading

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BADEN(Switzerland) Medieval county Briefly a Canton in the Helvetic Republic The name being taken from the town, which stands on the River Limmat, northwest of Zürich. In the 11th century Baden belonged to the County of Lenzburg, which covered much … Continue reading

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BADAJOZ Taifa Kingdom in the 11th century; A modern province (BA) in western Spain, on the borders with Portugal, named after the capital, which is only a short distance from the frontier. The city of Badajoz stands to the south … Continue reading

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BÁCS-BODROG/BÁCS-KISKUM Former/present counties in Hungary, see BAÈKA.

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BAÈKA  Bácska (Magyar) Serbo-Croat name (pronounced “Bachka”) of a district bounded by the Danube to the west and south and by the Tisza to the east;  now mainly in northwestern Serbia, though the north is in Hungary. It was in Ottoman Hungary until … Continue reading

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BACCHIGLIONE Department in the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, taking its name from the river on which its capital, Vicenza, stands.  The territory had been Venetian until 1797, when it became Austrian, passing to Napoleonic Italy in 1805.   It became Austrian … Continue reading

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BAARLE-HERTOG An exclave of Belgium, scarcely more than the village, surrounded by the Dutch province of Noord Brabant.  It is a leftover of the partition of the Duchy of Brabant by the Dutch War of Independence, made permanent in the … Continue reading

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BAAR District in the Black Forest in southwestern Germany, on the upper Danube and on one of its two principal headstreams, the River Brege.   The area today is part of the Schwarzwald-Baar Kreis, whose capital is Villengen-Schwenningen, in the Land … Continue reading

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