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AZOV 18th century Russian province, named after a town on the outflow of the River Don into the Sea of Azov, the northeastern arm of the Black Sea.  The original settlement, the Greek Tanais, was not far away.   The Grand … Continue reading

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AZORES   AÇORES.   Island archipelago, Ilhas dos Açores (the islands of the hawks), in the Atlantic Ocean, belonging to Portugal and lying some 750-1000 miles west of the mainland.   The nine largest islands belong to three groups.   Five of them lie … Continue reading

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AZERBAIJAN Region extending southwards from the southeastern end of the Caucasus Mountains and lying west of the southern third of the Caspian Sea.   It is now divided between the Republic of Azerbaijan (once a Soviet republic) and the Iranian provinces … Continue reading

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AYRSHIRE County in southwestern Scotland, with shores on the Firth of Clyde.  The Sheriff at Ayr, who first appeared in the reign of William the Lion (certainly by 1207, possibly by 1197), had jurisdiction over the districts of Cunningham, Kyle … Continue reading

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Áyion Óros

ÁYION ÓROS See MOUNT ATHOS. Link_coming_soon

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AYDIN   Or Aidan;  anciently Talles. City in southwestern Turkey, on the River Menderes, southeast of Ãzmir (Smyrna), and the capital of:- A Turkish Emirate; A modern province. 1.  The Emirate of Aydin was one of several Turkish ghazi principalities in … Continue reading

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