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Austrian Netherlands

AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS In 1714, at the end of the War of Spanish Succession, the southern Netherlands, previously Spanish, came under Austrian rule.   The districts around Tournai and Ypres, French since 1668 and 1678 respectively, were also handed over to the … Continue reading

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Austrian Imperial Circle

AUSTRIAN IMPERIAL CIRCLE   ÖSTERREICHISCHER REICHSKREIS. Formed in 1512, the Circle mostly consisted of Habsburg territory, including the Habsburg lands in Alsace (until 1648, when they became French), the Breisgau and Swabia, though the Habsburg lands in the Netherlands and the … Continue reading

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AUSTRIA/CISLEITHANIA When in 1867 the Emperor and the leaders of Hungary reached the settlement that resolved their differences – the Ausgleich, or the Compromise – three governments emerged in Franz Joseph’s lands.   One, generally called Austria-Hungary, was the government  of … Continue reading

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