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AUSTRASIA     AUSTRASIE (Fr);  AUSTRASIEN (Ger). The eastern realm or kingdom in the Kingdom of the Franks. When Clovis died in 511, his Frankish Kingdom was partitioned amongst his four sons.  The eldest son, Theuderic, held the eastern lands (roughly speaking … Continue reading

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AUST-AGDER County in southernmost Norway, with a coast on the Skaggerak;  the east of the old province of Agder.

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AUSSERRHODEN    Anglicised as Outer Rhodes. Appenzell Ausserhoden (AR) is the Protestant Half-Canton within the Canton of Appenzell, in northeastern Switzerland, and was formed in 1597.   It is 15th in precedence, 23rd in area and 21st in population of the members … Continue reading

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AUSSEERLAND The northwesternmost corner of the Austrian Land of Steiermark (Styria).  When the lands of former Austria was reorganised within the German Reich in 1939 it was transferred to the Reichsgau of Oberdonau (formerly Oberösterreich) but returned to Steiermark in … Continue reading

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AUSCHWITZ    Now OSWIECIM. One of the medieval duchies in Upper Silesia.   The town is south of Katowice and west of Cracow, in southern Poland. The district around it, southeasternmost medieval Silesia, formed the east of the Duchy of Teschen until … Continue reading

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AUSONA See OSONA. Link_coming_soon

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AURIGNY French name of ALDERNEY.

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AURICH Northwesternmost administrative region (Regierungsbezirk) in the Land of Niedersachsen, 1946-78, and previously in the Prussian province of Hanover.   It was named after the town that had earlier been the capital of  the County of East Friesland, whose lands formed the Regierungsbezirk. … Continue reading

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AURE County in the western Pyrenees in southwestern France, consisting of the valleys of  Aure, Basse Neste and Barousse. It was held by a cadet branch of the Counts of Bigorre, passing by marriage at the end of the 12th … Continue reading

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AURADE   Or, Auriade, or Auriate. A county in the 10th and 11th centuries in much of what is now the province of Cuneo in southwestern Piedmont in northwest Italy.   The family that held it also acquired the Marquisate of Turin … Continue reading

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AUNIS One of the grands gouvernements in Ancien Régime France, and the smallest of those existing in 1789, Aunis lay on the Bay of Biscay between Saintonge and the coastal regions of Poitou.  The Poitevan marshes on the lower course … Continue reading

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AUMÂLE  Alba Marla in Latin, whence the English Albemarle.    Small medieval County, on the eastern borders of Normandy in northern France;  the town is on the River Bresle WSW of Amiens. It was given to Odo, the dispossessed Count of Champagne, … Continue reading

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AUKŠTAITIJA (in Polish, Aukštota) Lithuanian name for the upper lands  i.e. eastern Lithuania, around the middle course of the River Nemunas (Niemen).   It formed the core of the Great Principality of Lithuania in the later middle ages.

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