English: Coat of arms of Assisi (Perugia), Ita...

English: Coat of arms of Assisi (Perugia), Italy Français : Blason d’Assisi en Italie Italiano: Stemma del Comune di Assisi (Provincia di Perugia) in uso fino al 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Town in Umbria in central Italy, lying in the Apennines ESE of Perugia.  It belonged to the early medieval Duchy of Spoleto, which was disputed between Popes and Emperors.  Generally under Imperial control in the 12th century, it came under the Pope in 1197;  but local power was often subsequently held by the town’s nobility, or by outsiders, such as the city of Perugia, 1321-67, the Visconti, late 14th century until 1403, the Montefeltro from 1408, and the condottiere, Francesco Sforza, 1434-42.  Thereafter it was in Papal hands until Italian unification in 1860.

It is now in the province of Perugia and the region of Umbria.

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