Petty Taifa Kingdom in Moslem Spain, 1012-1104.   Its capital stands on the upper River Turia, which reaches the sea at Valencia, and is WNW of Teruel, in inland eastern Spain.   City and Kingdom were named after the ruling dynasty, the Banu Razin, a Berber family who appeared as local rulers in the mid-10th century during the Caliphate of Abd-ur Rahman III.  Abd al-Malik, who became King in 1043 or 1044, reigned until 1103, the longest reign of any of the Taifa Kings of the 11th century.   The year after his death his Kingdom was absorbed into the Almoravid empire.

The city was conquered by Aragón in 1170 and is now in the province of Teruel and the community of Aragón.

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